We build and manage successful ecommerce email programs.

Email should be your primary online revenue generator – representing 15%-25% of your total online sales. If your program is not meeting your expectations, we can help.

From marketing strategy and email construction – to deployment and results analysis. We do it all for you!

Developing a successful email program takes time and effort but the end result is a projectable, dependable, controllable revenue stream that can run for years with minor adjustments.

Trigger is a full service email service provider with a strong focus on promotional trigger and campaign email programs. Let us put our proven ecommerce marketing techniques, high-performance delivery system, and hands-on client management style to work for you.

Key Components of a Revenue-Producing Email Program

Strategic Planning

The success of any email program is highly dependent on having clear objectives laid out in an overall marketing strategy along with a detailed month-by-month plan to put it into action. Without this critical foundational direction, email performance will be sporadic at best and never reach its full potential.

High Impact Trigger Programs

Automated trigger email programs deliver stellar conversion rates because they are highly personalized and extremely relevant to each individual recipient - one-to-one marketing at its best. They are a necessary part of any email strategy.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

Over 60% of online shopping carts are abandoned leaving billions in unconverted sales - 25%-50% of which could be recovered automatically and effortlessly with the proper triggered email program. The ROI is impressive and results are immediate.

Campaign Emails

Weekly email promotions offering customers compelling benefits and savings are the staple of successful ecommerce companies. They require creative imagination and marketing expertise, but are well worth the effort and expense. Popular campaigns can be repeated often with consistent results.

Email Design & Construction

The most effective emails are designed specifically for ecommerce objectives – prompting a user action that leads to a conversion while professionally and consistently representing the company brand. Custom templates pre-coded for optimized deliverability are preferable.

Email Program Management

The best-laid plans are worthless if they cannot be implemented. Email programs can generate predictable ongoing revenue, but to do so, they require constant attention as daily production can be repetitive and relentless. A dedicated knowledgeable staff with efficient tools at their fingertips is essential.

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